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St John's Equestrian Centre


St John's College Changchun has been practicing the philosophy of holistic education for developing the diversified abilities of each student. Meanwhile, the equestrian course is set as a compulsory in the school curriculum.

At St John's College Changchun, students have a 2-hour equestrian lesson every week. We have our own Equestrian Centre, which follows international standards and is fully equipped with a professional indoor heated equestrian teaching area, horse shower area, saddle room, horse medicine room, medical room, classrooms and outdoor recreation area. The centre occupies around 5,000 square metres with 13 stables breeding well -trained horses for students at different riding levels, such as English Shires, Dutch Winns, Farabellas, Welsh and Thoroughbred Shetlands.

We believe students can develop their stronger body and will be endless brave during the learning process, which is the genuine ethos of chivalry from each student at St John's.

Professional Coaching:

St John's Equestrian Centre has a professional coaching team of over 20 people, while the School of Animal Medicine at Jilin University provides technical guidance to the stud farm for house breeding and disease treatment.

At every equestrian session, we offer private tutoring to each student based on their current and potential ability. Students can recognise equestrian as a personal interest, or they develop the riding skills in the professional way. All of them can release their full potential freely.

Claire Rapin

Claire Rapin is from France and is a member of the French Equestrian Association. She is a famous equestrian expert of the French Equestrian Federation and has engaged in the equestrain industry for more than 30 years. She is one of the first foreign equestrian coaches and one of the highest level of equestrian teaching in China. She obtained French Equestrian Federation GALOP level 7 coaching certificate in 1998.

Experience at St John's Equestrian Centre

In St John's Equestrian Centre, students are learning equestrian in a comfortable, safe and professional setting. Our equestrian course caters for those who are full enjoying riding, also satisfies the needs from gifted students, such as learning advanced skills or participating in games.

Jin Gang Equestrian Club, which provides course support for St John's Equestrian Centre, is the first equestrian training school for young people in Jilin, accredited by the French Equestrian Association (the only authorised equestrian education and training institution in Jilin), and is the largest dwarf horse club in China. St John's Equestrian Centre uses the GALOP teaching system, which is one of the three most recognised equestrian systems in the world, as well as an equestrian assessment system that can be taken by riders in all levels from beginners to professionals.

The GALOP system is an equestrian teaching method developed by the French Equestrian Association to stage the learning process of riders. The GALOP system is the most comprehensive system in the world for teaching equestrian, consisting of groundwork, equestrian and theoretical knowledge. It also covers the learning aspects such as rider psychology, human-horse relations, practical skills and understanding of the horse.

Our purpose is to foster the passionate spirits, confident judgment and elegant temperament for each student. At the same time, they are striving to improve riding skills and theoretical understanding of the horses. Students who loves outdoor sports and horse can value it as an unique leisure event.

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