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University Guidance

Upon completion of their studies at St John's College Changchun, our students will enter the world's top universities. On entering St John's College Changchun, students are guided on their paths ahead by our professional teachers and tutors. We offer an established and experienced programme of careers advice and university preparation tailored to getting the best out of every individual.

St John's College Changchun advises students on their future career based on their interests, abilities and the result of the aptitude tests provided to the students. There is an active programme to help students find their way ahead and make a smooth transition to universities. Students will receive detailed assistance with the university application processes. Representatives of world class universities will be invited to visit St John's Changchun to offer guidance and inspiration to our students. We will regularly take students to visit world's top universities and students will have opportunities to communicate with university admissions officers face-to-face. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to join the alumni organisation and become a member of the Old Johannian Association (OJA). In their life path ahead, every Johannian can take full advantage of OJA's world-wide resources, which is a valuable asset for a lifetime.

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