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Key Stage 3 (11-14 years old)

At Key Stage 3 the curriculum builds on the learning experiences that students bring from Key Stage 1&2. Students now attend classes in different subjects and most are taught by a teacher who specialises in that subject, although students will also have a form tutor. English, Mathematics and Science are known as "core" subjects as they are considered to be at the centre, or "core", of the curriculum and are, therefore, compulsory. The other subjects, such as the humanities, arts, languages, design and physical education, are known as "foundation" subjects and are also compulsory at KS3.

At this stage, students will usually be expected to do an hour to an hour and a half of homework every evening. They will be assessed on a regular basis through a range of different methods including tests, coursework and teacher observation.

At the end of this stage, achievement levels will have an impact on which subjects' students will be able to choose at the "options stage" when they select the subjects, they would like to study for their IGCSEs.

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