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Key Stage 1&2 (5-11 years old)

Key Stage 1&2 use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), one of the most widely used primary school curricula in the world, now part of Fieldwork Education International in London. The IPC is an innovative, thematic approach to primary education that represents the most advanced teaching method in the world, with each unit having a fun and life-affirming theme and a holistic approach to education that promotes the whole child's ability to develop an international perspective. Study thematic units. Each unit, although independent, integrates a wide range of subjects including history, science, geography, PE and art. It provides a rigorous and informative framework for teachers, allowing them to spend more time arranging creative, individualized learning programs for children.

The IPC Learning Process


IPC always focuses on children's growth and personal development as the basis for curriculum development, and then seeks out other goals. The curriculum focus on children's developmental needs and sensitivities, and the content of the curriculum is constantly evolving with a variety of choices, modular themes and levels of difficulty. The IPC curriculum is designed to stimulate students' learning, and the themes of each unit are intended to be enjoyed by children. For example, the flower and insects unit, the explorer unit, and the migration unit are all themed to capture children's interest in nature and exploration and to better satisfy their curiosity in childhood. In addition, the IPC curriculum is intended to stimulate children's interest in learning while also emphasizing "professionalism" and the impartation of professional knowledge. For example, in the ICT, music, and sport modules, there are specialized units for teaching professional knowledge to help children develop academic literacy. The content and structure of the curriculum ultimately serve to enhance children's international perspectives and civic literacy by helping them to clarify and validate many important concepts through a modular thematic unit approach to learning, and to develop the critical awareness and action skills required of modern citizens.

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