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IGCSE (14-16 years old)

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is one of the 's largest examination systems for 14 to 16 years old and its results are recognised in English-speaking countries and regions. Every year, tens of millions of students worldwide study IGCSE.

At St John's College Changchun students will embark on courses relevant to their backgrounds, potential and level of English. Following interviews and entry tests, students and parents will discuss aspirations and set individual targets for each student. The aim is to achieve the best possible IGCSE grades at the end of the course.

Depending on achievement level on arrival at St John's College Changchun for the three-year course, students will be guided onto a programme blending English as a an Additional Language with ICCSE courses in selected subjects. As students will be attending St John's College Changchun from a variety of backgrounds in China, care will be taken to match the level achieved and curriculum covered in students' previous schools with the IGCSE syllabus.

The following subjects are offered at IGCSE:

Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Business, Economics, English as a Second Language (ESL), English Language, English Literature, Geography, Computer Science and GCSE Plus.

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