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A Level (16-18 years old)

A Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) is one of the most mature and well-developed high school curriculum systems in the world and is used by almost all English-teaching universities as the admission criteria. Most 18-year-old students will take three or four A Levels at the end of a two-year course with examinations taken at the end of the second year with less emphasis on coursework than previously.

A Levels are a gold standard qualification and recognized by all the world's leading universities. Offers from UK Universities will be based on grades obtained at A Level. Universities outside the UK will sometimes request that students take their own University entrance exams, for instance the US Universities will expect applicants to take SAT or ATC tests. All Universities will require a reference from St John's College Changchun which will be based on current performance against A Level standard. Such is the respect given world-wide to A Level that Universities will find this a satisfactory measure.

A Levels offer great flexibility when creating a curriculum and allow students a wider variety of choice in which subjects they study, and how they choose their personal combination of subjects. A Levels are also highly in-depth allowing students to explore their chosen subject at a deep level and gain a high level of knowledge and skills.

The following subjects are offered at A/AS Level:

English Literature, English Language, English (IELTS), Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, Business, ICT, Computer Science and Psychology.

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