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St John's Values


Students are expected to follow the College motto "Through Work to Honour" and keep in mind the importance of diligence no matter in study or after entering the society. The core of St John's values remains putting virtues and diligence in the first place.


Every Johannian are encouraged maintain an attitude of not giving up easily when faced challenges. And thus, we believe that the foundation of cultivating resilience and great strength of will in students is to develop the consciousness of striving to achieve the best possible.


Confidence is an inner strength supporting every person to bravely face challenges and difficulties ahead and progress to success. St John's College hopes that through cultivation, students will enter the society with self-confidence and lead their future life with positivity and bravery.


Respect towards other and self-respect are promoted in St John's College with the hope that students can respect and recognise others while maintaining their own perspectives.

Mutual Support

Success of any individual often comes together with the support from the people around. We hope that students in St John's College will understand that success is hard won and be supportive of each other in every aspect to strive for success.


Every Johannian is encouraged to treat everyone as equals and embrace different ideas and perspectives while not labelling themselves as superior.

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